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***Romance at Espada***
When visiting San Antonio, or even just passing through, most people make it a point to stop and see the Alamo. They take the tour of the grounds, hear the dramatic presentation of the story of the epic stand-off that took place there in 1836 and they pick up a souvenir at the gift shop. Then they are on their way, none the wiser to the existence of the other Spanish missions of San Antonio. They are missing out on the most historical beauty of the city. Espada is one of the other missions, in fact, the first Spanish mission to be founded in Texas (1690). We spent part of our day there yesterday because it is one of my favorite places in Texas to practice photography. If you are in San Antonio and you really just want to see what all the talk about the Alamo is all about...then go see the Alamo. If you are looking for fantastic opportunities with your camera, bypass the Alamo and just go to Espada.
This is my son, John and my daughter in law, Ashley posing for a romantic shot in front of the church (built in 1756 and still used for Mass today).

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